Why Lammers+Associates, Inc?

The Lammers+Associates team has a complete understanding and working knowledge of the materials handling process and its relationship to the overall operation of a hospital.

Since the many issues that influence the planning of a materials handling system are different from institution to institution, Lammers+Associates offers a customized approach to each project. Our process is designed to provide a system that works within the constraints of the client hospital's geographic location, staff, budget, service needs, and, in the case of existing facilitites, space and transportatiion systems.

If the development of the materials handling system is in conjunction with new or existing facility construction, Lammers+Associates can also work closely with the hospital's planning and design team to ensure that the requirements of the selected system are implemented and coordinated with the overall objectives of the project.



“We are different!
Our broad-based knowledge of healthcare operations’ provides an objective perspective on your organization’s materials handling status, needs, and problems.”

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