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Hospital Consultants, Materials Handling and Logistics Specialists

Lammers+Associates is an independent hospital materials handling and logistics consulting firm dedicated to providing multi disciplinary planning and development services to the healthcare industry since 1979. Known for thinking "outside the box", our approach to problem solving has produced efficient exceptional results for our clients. We combine objectivity, sensitivity, and a depth of experience to create tailored solutions for the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Whether new construction or existing facility modernization, Lammers+Associates realizes the impact that properly designed materials handling and transport systems can have on the overall effectiveness of support services within a hospital.

Development of appropriate systems that meet the established objectives of the project will ensure that materials are properly handled, processed, stored, distributed and collected in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Equally important is the vertical transportation of pedestrians, patients, and staff. The traffic demands of passengers, service functions, and materials must be carefully weighed, evaluated, and the optimum solution found. In the long run, implementation of the right personnel, supply and materials handling systems will help to contain and control costs and, eventually, have a positive impact on the hospital’s bottom line.

As specialists in hospital materials handling and logistics, the depth of our services allows us to meet each client’s total materials handling and transport requirements.

“We are different!
Our broad-based knowledge of healthcare operations’ provides an objective perspective on your organization’s materials handling status, needs, and problems.”

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Hospital Consultants, Materials Handling and Logistics Specialists

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